Walnut coffee table

  • In this video, I show the process of making a coffee table, the main purpose of which for the next 5 years will be - board games table for my children.
    I needed a comfortable round table with enough legroom on which my children could comfortably play board games.
    For this purpose, I used a cross section of walnut - 720 mm in diameter and 60 mm thickness, which had long been lying in my garage and waiting for the right moment to come, how handy! There was a crack in it, which I filled with inserts of cross-sections of a walnut branch. I like the lively look of the wooden bark so I tried to preserve it and recreate its natural look.
    The table turned out to be heavy, strong, stable, so children are unlikely to flip it. Kids liked the table and have immediately began it's practical use, so I'm happy with the result.
    Thank you all for watching!
    Take care of yourself and your family! Stay safe!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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