Sculpting Arthur Morgan Riding His Horse | Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Art Sculpture

  • FAQ's:
    1. What clay are you using?
    I'm using Monster Clay medium and hard grade.
    It is an oil based clay that changes its consistency with temperature. It becomes soft when heated and hard when cold. It's doesn't harden over time, it will keep the same consistency overall so you can either stock it on a shelf or reuse the clay.
    You can find Monster Clay at , on Amazon or at your local art stores.
    2. Can I buy this sculpture?
    Unfortunately not, it's not for sale.
    3. Will you paint it?
    I'm not going to paint it. In order to do that it would have to be cast in a more durable material. Honestly I don't have the experience to mold a sculpture like this. It would take a professional mold maker to do it and there's no one like that in my area. This was just intended to be a one off and it will be kept in clay form. It would be possible to paint over the clay but it would be difficult to get in some areas and it's very likely to damage the sculpture in the process especially when it comes to smaller details, so it will remain like this.
    4. What is the liquid you're applying and what is it for?
    The liquid is Zippo lighter fluid, you can see the container throughout the video. Its purpose is to soften the surface of the clay, make it uniform and remove tool marks.
    5. How long did this take you to make?
    It took me about a month to finish the sculpture and probably another month to go through all the process videos and edit the final video.
    If anyone is interested in seeing the whole process there are 20 videos available on my Patreon with every step in the creation of this sculpture. You can access all of them for $5 if you go to
    6. Do you take commissions?
    I'm not taking commissions at the moment.
    The First Shall Be Last (Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Soundtrack)
    Paying a Social Call (Red Dead Redemption 2 Ost)
    Train Heist Shootout (Red Dead Redemption 2 Ost)
    Mountain Banjo - Rhiannon Giddens (Ending Theme 4 Red Dead Redemption 2)
    The Disaster (Red Dead Redemption 2 Ost)
    Far Away - José González (Instrumental Cover) from the channel GBHughes
    Firefight With O'driscolls (Red Dead Redemption 2 Ost)
    American Venom (Red Dead Redemption 2 Ost)
    That's the Way It Is - Daniel Lanois (Instrumental Single Version)

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